High Speed Shutter Door Fixing Dubai

A leading supplier and installer of the automatic rolling shutters is Al New Doors LLC in Dubai. The heavy-duty shutters are designed to provide total protection. The various kinds of rolling shutter doors that we supply are made according to all safety and quality requirements parameters. The automated motorized rolling shutters are better suited to smaller and larger openings. Al New Doors installs the rolling shutter doors for different facilities, such as malls, showrooms, garages, supermarkets, airports, factories, hotels, and other premises. We are experienced in installing automatic blinds and doors.

High-speed shutter door fixing from experts

Also, our selection of shutters is best for burglar protection. The goods for the insulated door are available in different finishes and colors. The doors provide strong insulation and various track fasteners to accommodate the needs of the customer. The team of technicians with us are well experienced in installing the doors and shutters for protection. The proper installation means the shutters can run smoothly for a longer time span. We also provide repair and maintenance services as per customer requirements, in addition to the installation.

About Our Product

The roller shutter is an entry door or entrance door for storage or defense of the building perimeter. It is available in various standard sizes, as per the needs of the customer. The shutters come with different drive unit models with controls on the push button and override crank. Different types of rolling shutters are supplied in different styles and designs, including horizontal sliding, fire-rated, and insulated shutters. The key benefit of installing a roller shutter is intruder protection. Rolling shutters are difficult to remove, as they are tightly installed and cannot be easily removed. It is very difficult for the non-authorized intruders to open the roller shutter from outside.

High-Speed Shutter Door Fixing Dubai From AI New Doors

When you're affiliated with Al New Doors, you have the opportunity to get facilities for all kinds of automatic shutters. For all the automatic rolling shutter in Dubai below, we provide installation, replacement, and repair:

• Roller shutters made from steel
• Drag and drop rolling blinds
• Roller shutters in aluminum
• Rolling shutters on the grill
• Perforated roller blinders
• Mechanical rolling shutters with grill

The automatic High-Speed Roller Shutters Dubai provides great protection against adverse weather conditions, in addition to safety. Thus, parking garages, industrial facilities, and shops are deemed best for them.

With preventive maintenance, inexpensive maintenance fees help our clients keep the doors closed. Comprehending the safety product's importance as a High-Speed Roller Shutters, the consistency is preserved throughout. The supplied parts are from the best brands when repairing and replacing. The experienced technicians do preventive maintenance and replacement of the parts. Our technicians are immediately assigned to the site for the repair works on request. Al New Doors' annual maintenance contracts provide fair packages to ensure smooth and trouble-free service.